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Today's Wonder

PHOTO: JM Rappaport, Cleveland, Ohio


APR 10, 2024


Gathered in wonder

we surrender

to the totality

of this moment.


The darkness coming on,

even on this sunny day

chills us 

and we pull on our parkas, huddling, 


while behind us, 

our shadows lengthen, 

sharpening their edges,

until they disappear.


But we only have eyes

for the sun,

nibbled down 

to a thin crescent,


until it finally shares its secret,

its bright corona

our naked eye 

may never see again.


We cheer!


knowing that


of thousands

cheer with us


for that ring 

of white gold with

its sparkling ruby

encircling us all. 


For mere minutes

we are united in awe,

and if we remember

nothing else,


let us harken back

to this moment

gathered in wonder

at the fragility of our lives,


this rare moment of beauty,

and the sheer improbability

of our small planet with its star, 

great giver of life.PO

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