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Patricia and Rosemary are sisters, eight years apart. In many ways, they were cut from the same fabric when they entered this world.  Being 8 years apart, there was always a caring, teaching-learning relationship between them. They experienced the riches of the world as part of a playful family of eight siblings, with creative parents and grandparents, and Saturday mornings at the Toledo Art Museum. They both pursued careers in education. Rosemary found her passion observing at Children’s Community, a Montessori preschool, which Patricia and her friend, Mary Lisa Vertuca started in Cincinnati, Ohio. Patricia eventually went into higher education and lived her enthusiasm for the arts and creativity by sharing wonder with students and adults. Rosemary inspired learners, 3 through 14 years, sharing Montessori philosophy, curriculum and materials as a wonder-filled way to learn and grow. Both share a love of and belief in the importance of seeing the world through Wonder and its products.  They have come together on a new adventure to re-imagine, teach, and inspire wonder through daily experiences. This venture will examine research, literature, and the natural world, while exploring the arts, places, people, and ways to infuse wonder into every day. Join them as they approach the world through this magical lens and share your wonders as this wonder-filled community grows.

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Patricia Pinciotti (Ed. D.)  As the eldest of the eight, I have been learning and teaching my whole life. A career in Higher Education, afforded opportunities for writing, researching, and designing curriculum on play and creative arts in education. I currently partner with schools, designing CREATE labs to infuse wonder, inquiry, and creative learning in unique environments. I believe that a sense of well-being is nurtured and innovation begins through a creative education. My best days are discovering and revisiting wonders to permeate my art making and guiding others in their creative pursuits .

Rosemary Quaranta, (M.ED)  I am a life-long learner and  Montessori education has been my life’s passion through teaching children and adult learners in creative prepared environments. I am emphatic about hands-on learning, curious about natural phenomena, love inspiring students,  parents, and teachers and am excited to learn and share new wonders. Living in Wonder is about bringing joy back into our lives and using our hands to create, our eyes to see, and our heart to feel. Teaching Wonder is a life well-lived.

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We invite you to share more of your wonders and ways to interact with Rosemary and Pat at happenings or by expanding opportunities for wondering with us in a workshop designed just for you or your community.

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Events & Presentations

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Inspired by Women - Bookmaking as a Conversation

January 24-March 2  - Art Exhibit 


If you are in eastern Pennsylvania, stop by the Madelon Powers gallery at East Stroudsburg University to view Inspired by Women ~ Bookmaking as Conversation. This exhibit showcases the inspiration of contemporary women artists on Patricia Pinciotti’s bookmaking, including over 30 handmade books. JOIN us for bookmaking at the Inspire and Create area in the gallery and workshops found on the website.


February 9 - Bookmaking Workshop at Dyhana Yoga Arts, Chester, NJ


Stitches: Pamphlet bookmaking - Create multi-page books bound with thread for journaling and ones filled with beautiful papers. These books can become personal diaries or a gift for someone special. Please join us on Friday, February 9th 5:30-7:30pm. No bookmaking experience is necessary.



April 20 - Presentation at West Side Montessori Teacher Education Program, New York City, NY


The Golden Threads of Montessori Education Workshop with Rosemary Quaranta 



February 24 - Presentation, Association of  Illinois Montessori Schools - Naperville, Illinois


Living in Wonder with Rosemary Quaranta and  Jennifer Nolan 

** Living in wonder together is the true work and gift of the Montessori classroom. Wonder is where spontaneous activity is born, purpose is pursued, and curiosity is fueled. Many lose sight of this central goal and approach their role as a guide with either too much control or too little structure, allowing children to languish where they might otherwise thrive. Through humility, inquiry, shared learning, and spark-starting, we can support the children in following their natural curiosity to serve themselves as their own teacher.

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Coming Soon!

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March 2 - Presentation - Cincinnati Montessori Society Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio


Living in Wonder with Rosemary Quaranta **

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Coming Soon!

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