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On the road again...


I remember when we were young and my large family traveled to Florida for a vacation.  A road trip essential were cardboard bingo boards that required you look and see what was around you. If you spotted an image on your bingo board, you would slide a little red transperant, plastic red door over the picture. They are still made today!

Of course, this was long before digital devices, but even the little ones could quickly tell who was the first one to get a BINGO and we would start all over again. Heads up, eyes searching as our car sped past an ever-changing landscape from Ohio to Florida we attended to the world outside our car. 

When I received Wonder Hunt by Lea Redmond (The Collective Book Studio, ISBN 9781951412791) as a gift, it brought to mind the sliding bingo games we used to play in the car.  

This engaging book takes a child, or adult, on a hunt of 500 

treasures one can find everywhere and anywhere. The book 

has categories to explore: Sidewalk finds, So Many Spheres, Flora, Fauna, Cool Tools, Tiny Things, just to name a few.  Each treasure is named and then you can add the date, location, and a check-list of identifying characteristics. There is even a space to write what you are wondering about.

The drawings are simple and perfect for the many activities you can do with this book. It also comes with 500 bingo stickers so this book can be used individually or with friends.

Lea Redmond declares at the beginning of her book, the 3 E’s of Wonder hunting are

  1. Wonder is found EVERYWHERE!

  2. Wonder happens EVERY DAY.

  3. Wonder is for EVERYONE, including you!

A great gift for young and old friends, or even for yourself.  Everywhere, every day, everyone! Let the WONDER begin…

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